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We deliver live & large crawfish in and around San Antonio, TX! If you are planning a party or just need fresh crawfish for your restaurant, we are the crawfish supplier for you. We bring in fresh Louisiana Crawfish daily, so you can assure your guests that they are getting the best.

San Antonio Crawfish Supplier

Restaurant Supply

Own a local restaurant? Need a crawfish supply partner? We've got you covered!
San Antonio Crawfish Supplier

By The Pound

We offer fair market pricing on all orders. Discounts also available for larger orders.
San Antonio Crawfish Supplier

Events & Parties

Need a large order of live crawfish? We can deliver up to 30,000 pounds per week!
San Antonio Crawfish Supplier

Free Delivery

Free delivery is offered for orders of 5+ sacks. You order, we deliver!

We've Got Mud Bugs!

We are delivering large, ready-to-cook, bugs all over Texas!

Live Crawfish 7 days a Week!

We are delivering live crawfish 7 days a week all over Texas. Book yours today!

We Deliver to your party!

We offer free delivery with all shipments of 5 sacks or greater. Can't beat that!

San Antonio Crawfish for Restaurants

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