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At Texas Crawfish Supply, we are committed to providing our customers with the best value in terms of quality, freshness, and service. We understand that when it comes to crawfish "fresh is best", and as such, we have partnered with several of the largest family owned and operated Louisiana crawfish farms in the business. Our drivers make trips daily to and from Louisiana to bring you the very best crawfish in the industry. 

We are excited about what we offer and the relationships we continue to build. Eating crawfish is more than just a meal, it's an experience for family and friends to enjoy.



Texas Crawfish Supply offers a 100% Freshness Guarantee that sets us apart from our competitors. Our crawfish are caught, graded, washed, loaded directly into one of our climate controlled trucks, and delivered daily from Louisiana. We know the importance of keeping our trucks at the optimal temperature to keep our crawfish alive and healthy. We take every measure possible to make sure the dead-loss upon arrival is as minimal as possible. 

Louisiana's best FRESH Crawfish Guraranteed!


At Texas Crawfish Supply, we expect the highest level of service from our suppliers and we are committed to delivering the same to you. As we are a family owned and operated business, we strive to treat you like family and are committed to your complete and total satisfaction.


Our prices at Texas Crawfish Supply are extremely competitive and set us apart from our competitors. Our relationships with our crawfish farmers allow us to maintain the best value for product, which we then pass on to our customers. 


Texas Crawfish Supply brings the freshest crawfish Louisiana to your area. Our drivers make daily trips to Louisiana crawfish farms daily and deliver in refrigerated trucks  to ensure your crawfish is as fresh a possible. Our products come with a 100% Freshness Guarantee.

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